Agricultural & Hauling Equipment Protection

  • 1 to 8 through 1 to 11 (KLEEN KOTE to Water)kleen kote usage suggestions
  • Use KLEEN KOTE 300 on hauling equipment. mower decks, hoppers, manure spreaders and combines to keep mud, debris, agricultural products, snow, salt and ice from sticking. It is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional release agents, diesel or other fuels. It also provides rust-inhibiting qualities to help prevent corrosion.

Brightening, Polishing, Reviving Vehicles & Equipment

  • 1 to 11 (KLEEN KOTE to Water) – To both Brighten and Polish, including Antique Farming Equipment
  • 1 to 15 (KLEEN KOTE to Water) – To polish, including both antique farming equipment and vehicles
  • KLEEN KOTE is an excellent choice to polish, brighten and revive your vehicles and/or equipment. In addition to protecting them from fertilizer, mud, salt, debris, agriculture products and diesel exhaust, KLEEN KOTE can be buffed to a shine or misted on the front or undercarriage and wheels of your vehicle and/or equipment to prevent bugs and other environmental debris from sticking.

Corrosion Prevention

  • 1 to 8 (KLEEN KOTE to Water)
  • Use KLEEN KOTE 300 to prevent corrosion. It is an environmentally safe, easy to use alternative to traditional methods of preventing corrosion. KLEEN KOTE’s rust inhibiting qualities will help prevent corrosion on any part of your equipment, vehicle or tool while in use, transit, seasonal lay-up or long term storage.