4 Tips for Preventing Corrosion & Plowing Through the Snow & Ice

Preventing Corrosion TipsThere’s no doubt that when the snow comes down, the salt comes out. Your business comes from whether your vehicles and equipment are in the field when they need to be. Did you know, the cost associated with corrosion and the downtime due to buildup can be prevented? At Progressive Solutions, two of our products not only clean the equipment but prevent damage from occurring by preventing corrosion. Here are 5 tips for keeping your vehicles and equipment in the field using KLEEN KRETE and KLEEN KOTE:

Tip #1.  Remove Salts Every Day.

While we know salt, deicers and organic compounds are being used, what we don’t see is just what happens to the equipment and vehicles exposed to them during application. Soluble salts find their way through the paint, causing blistering, bubbling and eventually rust and corrosion.

Washing with soaps and detergents isn’t enough.  Even a 4,000 psi power washer cannot remove the salt. Soaps and detergents don’t neutralize salt and can leave a white film or coating behind. Even more, soaps and detergents can cause damage to the surface, like fading, weakening of the existing coating and possibly corrosion. KLEEN KRETE works to penetrate and safely remove the salts without causing damage to paint, chrome, aluminum, glass or rubber.  KLEEN KRETE is environmentally-friendly, safe and can work in your existing wash system. By cleaning with KLEEN KRETE after every use, the surface of equipment and vehicles is ready for paint or a protective coating to extend its life.

Tip #2. Keep Snow, Ice, and debris from Building up.

Time management is important when a storm hits and every second counts. Having the weight of snow and ice buildup on your equipment, vehicles and in your hauling beds weighs down the equipment and uses more fuel. It also impairs the safety of the operator when the lights aren’t visible due to buildup. KLEEN KOTE is a thin, virtually clear coating that prevents snow and ice buildup during the storm.  KLEEN KOTE protects the surface by forming a film for the salts to adhere to instead of the paint finish. As an added benefit, KLEEN KOTE keeps salt, sand, and debris from sticking to the paint surface, and acts as a corrosion inhibitor. It protects all types of equipment and surfaces and will not harm electrical systems, vehicle and equipment finishes or rubber.

Tip#3. Be Proactive About Preventing Corrosion.

According to NACE International’s “Corrosion Costs and Preventative Strategies in the United States” Report, the cost of corrosion in the transportation industry alone is an alarming $29.7 billion annually. $14.16 billion is attributed to corrosion-related depreciation and another $6.45 billion for repairs and maintenance caused by corrosion.

Damage to plow blades, trucks, and equipment is inevitable. After washing your equipment, perform a spot check for areas of damage or signs of rust. Treat the areas by sanding off the rust and washing with KLEEN KRETE to remove any salts that are in the micro-pores of the surface. Repaint and apply a protective coating like KLEEN KOTE for preventing corrosion in the future. If you don’t see any signs of rust, you can actively remove corrosive salts with KLEEN KRETE and apply KLEEN KOTE before each use or storage.

Tip#4. Always Prepare Your Equipment for Storage.

Whether you store your equipment inside or outside, corrosion can occur. Always wash your equipment with KLEEN KRETE to remove all corrosive salts and check for potential corrosion damage.  Make sure to remove all rust and repaint the surface when necessary. When storing outside, using covers on your equipment creates potential corrosion by trapping moisture whether you keep it loose or make it air tight. Using KLEEN KOTE will protect your equipment and prevent damage from corrosion.

Corrosion is a year-round issue. Using KLEEN KOTE and KLEEN KRETE will help you prevent big problems with small solutions. Check out our products under the Construction industry and Manufacturing industry sections on our website for more information on these products.


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