KLEEN KOTE Is Ready For Rule 1113 in the AQMD of Southern California

Due to take effect on January 1, 2014 — Rule 1113 will require all architectural coatings used in the South Coast Air Quality District of California to meet new lower VOC limits. Affecting over 16 million people in the District, this rule regulates architectural coatings like KLEEN KOTE.

Form release compounds like KLEEN KOTE, currently have a VOC limit of 250 g/L and will be required to meet the new, lower VOC limit of 100 g/L. So, why is this important and how do the new regulations affect companies who manufacture, purchase, or offer to sell architectural coatings and the contractors using them in the district?

According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, “Due to the population and topography of the South Coast Air Basin, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has historically had the dirtiest air in the nation.” The health effects of VOCs vary widely according to the level of toxicity, the level of exposure, and length of time exposed. These can include eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness and memory impairment following exposure. In order to reduce the exposure to VOCs, Rule 1113 (adopted in 1977) is lowering the VOC limits again. Now, it is requiring anyone who supplies, sells, offers for sale or manufactures architectural coatings to comply.

KLEEN KOTE Is Ready For Rule 1113.

KLEEN KOTE, a water-based soluble mineral oil, is well-known as a concrete form release, tilt-up bond breaker and equipment protector.

“What most of our customers in the Southern Coast District like about our product is that we have always exceeded the VOC limit and will continue to do so with the new lower limit. KLEEN KOTE is unlike vegetable oil form releases, because it has a longer shelf life. Also, it does not leave a wax-like buildup on forms or liners. This eliminates a smeared, waxy mess you get from most vegetable oil products,” Says President and Owner, Don McMahon.

KLEEN KOTE has a VOC range of 13-17 g/L. This is remarkably lower than the Rule 1113 limit of 100 g/L, making it an exceptional form release choice. KLEEN KOTE is available in concentrate (KLEEN KOTE 100) or a variety of Ready-to-use options. Specifically formulated for forms, form liners, tilt-up, precast and equipment protection. For more information on these products, and how to purchase them, visit the Construction Industry Section of our website.


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