kleen kote - heavy equipment cleaning

The KLEEN KOTE Advantage

Known for its versatility on the job site, KLEEN KOTE 100 is used for keeping mud from sticking to your equipment, as a concrete form release and tilt-up bond breaker, an asphalt release, equipment protection and more. When mixed, KLEEN KOTE 100 deposits a very thin film, creating a virtually non-stick surface that is non-toxic, non-staining, non-dusting, low V.O.C. AND acts as a corrosion inhibitor.  Please check out our KLEEN KOTE Usage Suggestions page for a list of applications.



Industry Leader

For over 17 years KLEEN KOTE 100 has been known as one of the original, eco-friendly water-based release products for the construction industry. KLEEN KOTE has proven to be an innovative as well as quality product for all facets of the construction process.

With its many applications — including asphalt, concrete, mining, hauling, and equipment protection — KLEEN KOTE has stood the test of time. In addition, KLEEN KOTE 100 is the ONLY fully adjustable release product on the market today, adjusting from 1 to 1 through 1 to 75, depending on your application.

eco friendly heavy equipment cleaner

Environmentally Friendly

KLEEN KOTE 100 does not contain any silicones, solvents or phosphates. In addition, it is non-toxic, water-soluble, low odor, certified biodegradable and V.O.C.

easy to use heavy equipment cleaner

Easy to Use – KLEEN KOTE 100 + Water

Safe for use on all surface types. Just add the required amount of concentrate to water and then the product is ready to use.
No special equipment, clothing, tools or mixing are needed.

economical heavy equipment cleaner - KLEEN KOTE 100


This is the one adjustable water-based product for use in multiple job site applications. The concentrated formula reduces waste and also shipping costs by 8 to 20 times that of conventional products. One gallon of concentrate mixed at 1 to 11 with water, makes 12 gallons of mixed ready-to-use product with an average coverage ratio of 2,000 SQ. Ft. per Gallon.

double protectant heavy equipment cleaner - kleen kote

Durable Protectant

KLEEN KOTE 100 will not rinse off in rain, snow or ice*, saving time as well as money on the job site. Also, KLEEN KOTE acts as a rust inhibitor, protecting equipment while on the site, during use, in transit, seasonal layup or storage.

*KLEEN KOTE cannot be applied in the rain, snow or ice and must flash off before exposed to rain, snow or ice.