KLEEN KOTE 111 Bond Breaker

KK 111 BOND BREAKER GROUPThe KLEEN KOTE 111 Bond Breaker Advantage

Known for producing a clean as well as positive release, Kleen Kote 111 (KK 111) Bond Breaker is a ready-to-use, reactive barrier for tilt-up panels. It has been proven to be one of the most effective AND also has eco-friendly products available. KK111 is non-staining, non-dusting, non-toxic, low VOC and does not contain silicones, solvents or phosphates. It is fast drying and also will not rinse off in the rain*, making it one of the most durable, safe and cost-effective bond breakers in the industry.

*KK111 must turn from white to clear PRIOR to exposure to rain in order to be effective.



  • 1Easy to use-no measuring and mixing, KK111 is ready to use!*
  • Produces uniform panel surfaces
  • Creates a surface ready for paint, sealer, and also adhesives
  • Minimizes panel surface defects as well as associated patching
  • Prevents Osmotic Effect
  • Non-staining, as well as non-dusting
  • 100% Eco-friendly—non-toxic, bio-degradable, water-soluble, as well as low-odor
  • Low V.O.C. — 15 g/L and also does not contain any solvents, silicones or phosphates
  • Safe for employees—no special equipment or clothing required
  • Durable–out lasts rain and environmental changes

*Do not expose KK111 to extreme temperatures, or allow it to freeze. This may cause the product
to become ineffective.

*KK111 cannot be dispensed with or in a container that has contained diesel, fuels, oil, acids or other
release agents.

Available Sizes

  • 5-gallon pail
  • 55-gallon drum
  • 275-gallon tote*

*totes are reusable

Call for personalized assistance and instructions prior to use.