These are the primary applications as well as suggested mix ratios for KLEEN KRETE usage suggestions. The ratios can be varied up or also down according to your results. For usage instructions visit our Product PDFs tab to download printable PDFs or text versions. If you have any questions regarding a particular application or mix ratio, please feel free to contact customer support at: 800.801.7832 or

Kleen Krete – Usage Suggestions

Kleen Krete Usage Suggestions
  • Removing Hardened Cement, Concrete or Mortar

    • Undiluted
    • Use KLEEN KRETE to remove hardened cement, concrete or otherwise mortar from a variety of surfaces. Also, it is an environmentally safe, easy-to-use alternative to traditional methods of removing hardened cement.
      • Concrete Buggies
      • Concrete Forms
      • Hand Tools
      • Precast Equipment
      • Ready Mix Trucks
      • Saw Cutting Equipment
      • Concrete as well as Mortar Mixers
      • Screeds
      • Troweling Machines
      • Vehicles
  • Cleaning and Etching Concrete Floors – Surface Preparation

    • Undiluted
    • KLEEN KRETE is used to clean and etch concrete floors prior to application of epoxy floor coatings or sealers.
  • Brick and Masonry Wash

    • 5 to 1
    • KLEEN KRETE – Used to clean masonry. MUST use Kleen Krete according to directions.