progressive solutions corp headquarters - kleen kote - kleen kreteIt all started with a need. While Founder Donald McMahon was distributing screeds and power trowels to the construction industry, he recognized a growing problem. The expensive tools and equipment that are a construction company’s main assets, were taking constant abuse because of harsh chemicals, large amounts of water and time were used to clean and prepare equipment between uses. Sometimes, the hardened concrete was impossible to remove. Little did the industry know what was to come…KLEEN KOTE and more…


After spending several years doing research and development, KLEEN KOTE and KLEEN KRETE were introduced into the construction market. But the company didn’t stop there…The Real Pump power spraying system was developed to replace gas engine and pump up sprayers, saving contractors time and money. Additional accessory items were introduced to aid in the application and use of coatings.

Over the years, the group of Progressive Solutions products were further field-tested and proven successful in both protecting and preserving assets of all kinds during use, storage and in transit. Companies across the globe use our Eco-friendly products because of their versatility. Major equipment manufacturers, worldwide construction companies, international shippers and agribusinesses across the U.S. use our group of products on their equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles.

All Progressive Solutions products have been developed and manufactured in our facility in Northern Illinois. While there are many products on the market today that try to compare, none have the proven track record. How many of them know exactly what makes up their product? Who knows how it is measured, mixed or assembled? WE DO!

Today, our research and development works closely with our customers to meet the ever changing needs of their industries. Thus, we are always looking for ways to provide the best solution, even finding ways to make the world cleaner through specialized products. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on new products, new product uses and more.