A water-based, non-staining protective coating, KLEEN KOTE prevents dirt, salt, debris and other corrosive materials from sticking to ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. Used for various corrosion protection solutions, KLEEN KOTE has protected: construction equipment, agricultural equipment, decks and holds of vessels, boats, vehicles, motorcycles, heavy-duty trucks, mixers and more.

KLEEN KOTE is sprayed directly onto surfaces that need protection. It leaves only a thin clear barrier that will not rinse off in rain and protects against environmental conditions. Whether your product is in transit, in use or storage, KLEEN KOTE is a safe and multi-functional coating; It will not harm the environment and is safe on all surfaces including mechanical/electrical apparatus and does not require special equipment or clothing when applied.

Available Sizes: • 1 gallon • 4-1 gallon case • 5 gallon • 55 gallon • 275 gallon tote


How the Kleen Kote 400 Works

This innovative micro-emulsion is your corrosion inhibiting solution because it penetrates the micro-pores of the treated surface to form a barrier on any surface coated. KLEEN KOTE is a water-based, non-staining barrier coating. It leaves only a thin, clear layer on the surface sprayed, protecting it from the potential threats of the environment, weather, debris and salt. It is safe for use on all surfaces and will not harm wiring, electrical and/or mechanical controls; there is no need to remove KLEEN KOTE upon arrival at its final destination, AND it is environmentally safe!



Environmentally Friendly

  • Does not contain any silicones, phosphates or solvents.
  • Will not contaminate the treated surface or any untreated surface.
  • Shipped in concentrate form to reduce packaging and also transportation waste.
  • Kleen Kote 400 is water-based and does not stain.
  • Reduces health and safety risks for your employees and your company.
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Easy to Use

  • There is no need to remove. If needed, KLEEN KOTE 400 can be removed with water as well as a mild detergent.
  • Does not require any special equipment or clothing for handling, application or clean up.

*Simply add concentrate to water and then apply by brush, spray or immersion.


Efficient and Effective

  • Eliminates the need for extra processing steps.
  • There is no need to remove the coating after transit or storage–your product is ready for use.
  • Reduces labor time and costs with quick as well as simple application.
  • Withstands all environmental conditions, including preventing flash rust on freshly cleaned surfaces.


  • KLEEN KOTE 400 is mixed with water at ratios that range from 1 to 4 and 1 to 8. Also, it has an average coverage ratio of 2,000 sq. ft. (185 sq. meters) per mixed gallon (3.79 liters).
  • Ships in concentrate form and mixes with water when needed.
  • One product for multiple corrosion solutions-short term shipping, long term storage, daily operation and use.
  • Reduces the need for bulky covers, oil-based coatings as well as the storage/clean up costs associated.

 Durable Protectant

  • Withstands the severity of the environmental conditions of shipping, the demands of outdoor, industrial and also marine usage. In addition, KLEEN KOTE 400 holds up for the duration of exposure.

Extends Product Life

  • It protects and preserves against the potential threats caused by atmospheric corrosion, corrosive environments, as well as contaminants.