The KLEEN KRETE Advantagekleenkrete_b

KLEEN KRETE is a unique, environmentally-friendly liquid that helps eliminate potential corrosion by removing soluble salts that are embedded in the micro pores of the surface. This biodegradable, eco-friendly product allows the paint or protective coating to adhere to the now clean surface without the risk of corrosion or degradation from within. Effectively extend the life of your paint and/or protective coating, reduce the amount of preparation, clean up time and the costs associated with painting and repainting surfaces by using KLEEN KRETE!

Available Sizes: • 1 gallon • 4-1 gallon case • 5 gallon • 55 gallon • 275 gallon tote





Soluble salts are everywhere – not just in the water we use to clean, but in the air as well. When we think the surface to be painted or protected is clean, minute soluble salts have collected in the micro pores of surface.

Plain water, power washing or polishing of surfaces alone cannot remove these salts. Exposing the surface to the potential threat of corrosion without a visual warning. Even allowing the surface to dry while exposed to a salt-rich environment allows soluble salts to collect in the micro pores.

The paint or protective coating is applied and the soluble salts under the coating draw moisture from the air through the coating and cause corrosion. This can develop below the surface causing the paint or protective coating to fail sooner than it should.

KLEEN KRETE™ penetrates the micro pores of the surface and removes the dirt, debris, salt and other contaminants. The surface is now ready for paint or protective coatings, effectively extending the life of your assets’ surface.


Environmentally Friendly

KLEEN KRETE is a biodegradable, eco-friendly concentrate that is safer than conventional methods of removing soluble salts.


Safe for Use on Most Surfaces

KLEEN KRETE will not harm aluminum, chrome, electrical systems, glass, paint, rubber and most surfaces when used according to directions.


Easy to Use

  • KLEEN KRETE is a concentrate and should be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part KLEEN KRETE.
  • It can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on without the use of special equipment.
  • For added convenience, it is packaged in 1 gallon (3.78 liter), 5 gallon (18.90 liter), 55 gallon (207.90 liter) or 275 gallon (1,041 liter) quantities. Each 1 gallon (3.78 liter) bottle includes a 36″ trigger sprayer.


KLEEN KRETE is safer for your employees and the environment than conventional acids.


Reduces Equipment Damage and Labor Costs

KLEEN KRETE reduces the amount of labor as well as water needed to remove soluble salts. It is also packaged as a concentrate without the need of special application or cleanup equipment.