kleen krete usage suggestionsThese are the primary applications, as well as suggested mix ratios, for KLEEN KRETE. The ratios can be varied up or down according to your results. For Kleen Krete usage suggestions and instructions, please visit our Product PDFs tab to download printable PDFs or Text versions. If you have any questions regarding a particular application or mix ratio, please feel free to contact customer support at 800.801.7832 or support@4progressive.com.

  • Hardened Cement Powder Remover

    • Undiluted thru 1 to 1
    • Use KLEEN KRETE to remove hardened cement powder from a variety of surfaces. Also, it is an environmentally safe, easy to use alternative to traditional methods of removing hardened cement.
  • Soluble Salt Remover and Surface Preparation

    • 5 to 1
    • KLEEN KRETE is used to remove soluble salts from all types of surfaces. This allows for better paint adhesion and also lessens the chances of corrosion beginning under the paint surface.