Firearm MPL - Maintain | Protect | Lubricate

Armor is not just for people, it’s for your firearms too.

  • Removes & Prevents Oxidation
  • Improves Magazine Ejection and Round Feeding
  • Revitalizes All Surfaces and Protects During Use & Storage
  • Eliminates The Need for Cleaners, Lubricants and Protectants

Protecshine Firearm MPL is the ultimate product to maintain, protect and lubricate your firearm from the inside out.  This non-toxic, biodegradable product is the long-lasting invisible “armor” that eliminates the need for other cleaners, lubricants or protectants.

Formulated with corrosion-inhibiting properties, Firearm MPL creates a thin, invisible shield by penetrating the mircropores of the surface to create a non-slick, no-stick surface.  Remove and prevent oxidation, carbon and other fouling buildup; improve magazine ejection and round feeding, keep all firearm parts/components lubricated before, during and after use as well as storage.  Firearm MPL is safe for use on all surfaces, revitalizing and protecting even antique firearms.  Firearm MPL is the long-lasting “armor” that stands strong!

Easy to use

  • Eliminates the need for other cleaners, lubricants or protectants
  • Packaged ready-to-use, no mixing required!*
  • No need to remove Firearm MPL before firearm use


  • Water-based and certified biodegradable
  • Does NOT contain any silicones, solvents or phosphates
  • *Comes in concentrate to refill your spray bottles


  • NO slippery or sticky surface when applied
  • Non-toxic, water-soluble, low odor and low V.O.C.

Long-Lasting Durability

  • No stopping to re-lubricate during firearm use
  • Continues to work on oxidation with each application
  • Continues to protect while Firearm is not in use