Over the past decade, we have discovered that there is a simple and less labor-intensive way to maintain maritime vessels. Our staff has tested and developed products right on board vessels alongside those who maintain them, redefining the methods and materials needed for the job. Based on these field tests and research conducted by our staff, we have created a line of chemicals and equipment that ensures vessel maintenance and protection without contamination is top priority.

Maritime - kleen kote

Kleen Kote

Concentrated, water-based cargo hold & deck release agent and corrosion prevention coating

Maritime kleen krete

Kleen Krete

Biodegradable concrete and soluble salt remover

Maritime - real pump

Real Pump

Portable Power Spraying System Easily Sprays Most Chemicals and Sealers

Maritime real pump EXPRESS

Real Pump Express

Compact and easily mountable pump designed
to replace gas engine powered and pump up sprayers.

Maritime Power Spray Accessories

Power Sprayer Extras

Quality, O.E.M. Parts for Power Sprayers


Maritime accessories


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