With the variety of environmental conditions your manufacturing equipment is exposed to, you need a multi-functional protection solution. Our line of products are dedicated to providing innovative formulas as well as application equipment that protect multiple types of metals, removing damaging soluble salts, and do it all without harm to most other surfaces. Whether your products are in temporary or long-term use, transit or storage, we guarantee our products provide the ultimate protection solution.

Manufacturing - Kleen Kote

Kleen Kote

Concentrated, water-based, protection coating as well as corrosion inhibitor

Kleen Kote 411RP

Ready-to-use protective coating and corrosion inhibitor


Kleen Krete

Biodegradable concrete and soluble salt remover


Real Pump

Portable Power Spraying System Easily Sprays Most Chemicals and also Sealers


Real Pump Express

Compact and also easily mountable pump designed
to replace gas-engine powered as well as pump up sprayers.


Power Spray Accessories

Power Sprayer Extras

Quality, O.E.M. Parts for Power Sprayers



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